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      Waterfall Weddings

      Waterfall Elopements & Intimate Waterfall Weddings in North Georgia


      Thinking about an Elopement, All Inclusive Elopement, or Intimate Wedding?   Looking for the “WOW” factor?  Congratulations!   You have come to the right place!  We are your Waterfall Wedding Experts!

      Nothing beats a scenic waterfall wedding!   Waterfall weddings are one of the most unique, memorable and simple approaches to getting married.   And, talk about the “WOW” factor!

      We specialize in spectacular waterfall weddings throughout the mountains of North Georgia.  Our team holds your hand through the entire planning process to eliminate the typical hassle of wedding planning.  And then on your special day we coordinate a fun, easy and totally enjoyable dream waterfall wedding experience!

      Oh, and the photos!   If you like photos you are going to LOVE the shots we create at the falls!!!!




      Our happiest couples are those who don’t want the headaches and hassle of planning a traditional wedding at a typical venue.  They want a memorable experience, in nature, that is fun and stress free.

      For many of our couples this is not their first marriage.   They’ve been there, done that, when it comes to doing the traditional wedding thing.  This time around they want it to be about them and their love story.   Plus, they smile ear to ear about being able to afford a fabulous honeymoon with the money they have saved by doing  an waterfall wedding!

      Here are some more examples of couples who are perfect for waterfall weddings:

      • Out of state couples
      • Couples looking for an affordable destination wedding
      • Blended families who want to include their children in the wedding
      • Mid-life couples
      • Couples who love the outdoors and walks in the woods

      However, if you thrive on drama, chaos, stress, and “stuff”… we are not a good fit.    If you want to invest tons of energy (and money) on wedding decorations, forget it!  Thinking about having a string quartet play at your ceremony?  No way!   You’ll be happier at a traditional wedding venue.   We can even recommend a few!


      Waterfall Weddings at Toccoa Falls College, GA.


      Waterfall weddings at Toccoa Falls College GA
      Waterfall Wedding at Minnehaha Falls
      Vogel State Park - Home of Trahlyta Falls


      Waterfall Weddings at Toccoa Falls Couple

      Toccoa Falls

      Toccoa Falls College, GA

      Waterfall Wedding at Minnehaha Falls

      Minnehaha Falls

      Lake Rabun, GA

      Waterfall Weddings at Dick's Creek Falls

      Dick's Creek Falls

      Dahlonega, GA

      Waterfall Weddings at Helton Creek Falls Couple

      Helton Creek Falls

      Blairsville, GA

      Waterfall Wedding at Vogel-Trahlyta Falls

      Trahlyta Falls

      Vogel State Park