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      Minnehaha Falls Waterfall Wedding Location

      Scenic Waterfall Wedding Location in Northeast Georgia

      Minnehaha Falls Waterfall Wedding Location


      Minnehaha Falls is a fantastic waterfall wedding location that is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the effort to get there.

      Located near Lake Rabun, this waterfall wedding site is located in  the National Forest and is open to the public without a site fee.  Be sure to get directions or you might miss the  parking area!  From there it is a moderate 300 yard walk to the falls.  This waterfall is not recommended for anyone who is handicapped or has mobility issues.

      Once you complete the hike you will find yourself a level rock ledge at the foot of this very tall waterfall.  It is indeed one of the most impressive locations for a waterfall wedding in the southeast!   Minnehaha Falls is large enough to accommodate Elopements of up to 10 people.   And, there is a great rock behind your officiant that is great for posing the couple and to place any unity elements (unity sand etc) you might want to include in your wedding.  

      Minnehaha Falls is a photographer’s dream!   Unlike many waterfalls in North Georgia this one has a fairly constant flow of water over the rocks.  It has the “WOW” factor no matter when you are getting married.  The natural scenic beauty of this waterfall eliminates any need to decorate.  The waterfall provides all the decor you might want! 

      Thinking about getting in the water for photos after your ceremony?   No problem!  

      Bring the right shoes and you can even climb partially up the waterfall for jaw-dropping poses you will proudly display from your wedding day!

      Another benefit of getting married at this waterfall is the great choice of historic hotels and comfy cabins available nearby.   Once you are booked we provide you with a Preferred Vendor List that includes, lodging, florists, hair restaurants, make-up and every other service you might need to complete your wedding experience.

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      Minnehaha Falls Waterfall Wedding Location
      Minnehaha Waterfall Wedding Location


      Minnehaha Falls Waterfall wedding Location

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