Waterfall Wedding Locations - Elopements in Georgia

Places to Elope in Georgia - Waterfall Wedding Locations

Elopements In Georgia


Couples from everywhere are having their elopements in Georgia.  Throughout Georgia you can find locations for beach weddings, weddings with a view, wedding chapels, cabins and vacation rentals that make great locations for elopements.  And then there are our favorite places to elope in Georgia… Waterfall Weddings. 


The Waterfall Wedding Experts, Rick and Cyndi Durham, have scouted numerous waterfall locations throughout Georgia that are perfect for wedding ceremonies.  Some of these are free-public locations in the National Forest.  Others are on private property where there is a site fee.  


We have created these pages to help you review all the waterfall options we offer.  And, we have listed lodging, restaurants and all the other services  you might need to make your waterfall wedding a success.   

Compare Waterfall Wedding Locations:

Dick's Creek

Located 30 minutes from both Dahlonega & Helen
No Site Fees
    • Located in National Forest.
    • No site fees.
    • Suitable for up to 10 guests max.
    • Moderate Access.   Parking just across street, but not suitable for handicapped guests or elderly guests with mobility issues.  Must be able to walk uneven terrain without difficulty.
    • This is our most popular waterfall site, but can be very busy during the summer months when we suggest morning weddings.
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Minnehaha Falls

Located on Lake Rabun just 10 minutes from Clayton, GA.
No Site Fees
    • Public Access.  No sites fees
    • Suitable for up to 10 guests max
    • Moderate to difficult access.  Guests should be able to walk 400 yards over uneven terrain.  Not suitable for handicapped guests.
    • Very scenic waterfall that is difficult to find without guide service, but well worth the effort
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Helton Creek Falls

Located between Dahlonega and Blairsville
No Site Fees
    • Public location – no site  fees
    • Suitable for 25 guests max
    • Moderate to difficult access.  Guests should be able to handle stairs and a 200 yard walk.  Not for handicapped guests or elderly guests who may have difficulty with steps.
    • Scenic, remote location in the National Forest.  Not easy to get to but worth the effort
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Toccoa Falls

Located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, GA
Private Site Fees Apply
    • Semi-private location. $200 site fee applies.
    • 25 guests OK. Very easy access.
    • Handicapped accessible.  Golf cart available for elderly guests and those with mobility issues Located  on campus of Toccoa Falls College.
    • Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed.
    • Note that this location is not closed to the public during your wedding.  Visitors to the falls may be watching from a distance
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Far Winds Estate

Private waterfall located between Dahlonega & Helen
Private Site Fees Apply
    • 100% Private location on a 600 acre estate 
    • 25 guests OK. Additional guests $10 each.
    • Very easy access.  Handicapped and elderly guest can be driven right to the ceremony site.
    • Our best waterfall location if you want total privacy and easy access for your guests
    • Cavender Castle venue (located 5 minutes away) is used as a back up plan for bad weather
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Places to Elope In Georgia – Waterfall Weddings Locations:

Dick's Creek Waterfall

Dick's Creek Waterfall

Dick’s Creek Waterfall located between Dahlonega, Blairsville and Helen is our favorite site for Elopements in Georgia!

Be sure to check out this page:

Dick’s Creek Waterfall

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls located between Dahlonega and Blairsville is one of the best places to elope in Georgia.  Slightly off the beaten path, this waterfall location features two ceremony sites. The Lower Falls allows you to stand in or near the water. The Upper Falls has a large wood deck that is suitable for Family Weddings up to 25 guests.

Click here for more info:  

Helton Creek Falls

Minnehaha Waterfall Wedding Location

Minnehaha Falls

MinnehahaFalls located between Clarkseville and Dillard is a beautiful site for elopements in Georgia. This waterfall wedding location ideal for weddings of up to 15 guests. The famous Lake Rabun Hotel is near the falls and can serve as a reception spot after the waterfall ceremony.

This  location can be a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort!

For additional information  click here:

Minnehaha Falls

Far Winds Private Waterfall Wedding location

Far Winds Estate

Want to do a Waterfall Wedding for a large wedding party?

Have elderly guests or those with mobility issues?

Be sure to consider Far Winds, one of the best places to elope in Georgia.  This private 600 acre estate the features a huge waterfall, lake views, mountain views, and hundreds of locations for scenic wedding photos.

This private location has a site fee… but is worth every penny!

Click here for more details:

Far Winds Waterfall

Toccoa Falls Private Waterfall Site

Toccoa Falls

Want a Reception after your waterfall ceremony?

Expecting more than 25 guests?

Then be sure to consider Toccoa Falls located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College.

The centerpiece of this private location is Toccoa Falls one of the best sites for elopements in Georgia.

And, The Gate Cottage can host your reception of up to 150 people.

Check out the details here:

Toccoa Falls 

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