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      How to Plan Your Waterfall Wedding

      Things you should know about planning a Waterfall Wedding

      How To Plan Your Waterfall Wedding?

      Great question!   And one we get from almost all of our couples at some point during the planning process.

      First off, start with the mindset that planning an elopement is a totally different thing compared to planning a larger traditional wedding.   Your waterfall elopement is much, much easier to plan!   

      Our couples tell us all the time that their friends, co-workers, and family have a hard time grasping why the couple is not all stressed out with list upon list of things to-do.  They ask, “Have you done this?  What about that?”  These people mean well, but they just don’t get how much easier (and less expensive) it is to get married with us at a scenic waterfall! 

      Waterfall Weddings are almost always about our couple and those most important to them.   Headcounts are smaller.  Decor needs are almost non-existent.  Receptions tend to be a nice meal a great restaurant instead of a big party with all the services and costs that go along with it.   

      Waterfall weddings are designed to be more laid back and casual.  They appeal to nature lovers and couples who love, love, love photos!  If you are the type of bride who plans to wear a poofy “Cinderalla Dress”, have ten bridesmaids,  and decorate like crazy, a waterfall wedding is probably not for you!

      Getting married with us is going to be much easier than you ever imagine.  Once you are booked we send you a series of planning emails/homework to help you manage all the important essentials for your wedding.  We also scheduled phone chats to check on your progress and answer questions. 

      Our business is built upon providing simple, cost effective, and non-stressful options for your wedding!  We gotcha covered!

      Read on to learn more…

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      Minnehaha Waterfall Wedding Location

      Step 1:  Decide if a Waterfall Wedding is right for you


      Is a Waterfall Wedding right for you?

      Waterfall Weddings are perfect for couples thinking about an elopement or small wedding.  We have married couples of all ages.  But most are mid-life couples who have been married before.  Also, many couples have children from previous marriages.  They are looking for a wedding that the kids will enjoy.

      Waterfall Weddings are also perfect for couples who love nature and the outdoors.  If you love to hike and explore nature, a Waterfall Wedding is a perfect option that fits your lifestyle.

      Plus, there is the cost aspect.  Couples on a tight budget spend a fraction of what it costs to go to get married at a traditional wedding venue.

      And finally, Waterfall Weddings are work well for laid-back couples who look at getting married as yet another adventure,  Couples who enjoy Waterfall Weddings the usually those who can “roll with the punches” and make adjustments on the fly.

      If you are a Type A personality who needs everything planned to the minute, a Waterfall Wedding may not be a good choice for you.



      What are the Pros of having a Waterfall Wedding?


      • Low cost compared to getting married at a venue
      • Scenic, memorable ceremony location
      • Perfect for elopements and small weddings of up to 25 guests
      • Unique Wedding that your friends will envy
      • Easy to plan, especially at the last minute


      What are the Cons of having a Waterfall Wedding?


      • Weather can always be an issue.   Be prepared with a backup plan such as our Cavender Castle venue or your cabin.
      • Not all waterfall sites are easily accessible.  If you have a family member who has mobility issues or is handicapped not all or our waterfall locations will work for you.  Be sure to consider a private location such as Toccoa Falls or Far Winds Estate if this describes you.
      • Logistics are more challenging than getting married at a venue.  You and your guests need  to be escorted to the waterfall location at the same time. It can be a little like herding cats!   If those on your guest list have difficulty being on time, or with following directions… a Waterfall Wedding might not be a good choice.
      • Receptions are a little more complicated after a Waterfall Wedding than at a venue.  Not only do you need to get everyone to the waterfall, but you also need to get everyone to the restaurant afterwards for your reception.
      • If you are afraid of bugs, mud, or maybe getting dirty think about going to a venue instead!



      Step 2:  Book your Date & Waterfall Location


      How To Get Started?

      First, look at your guest list.  

      • How many people do you expect at your wedding?  
      • And, do any of your guests  have mobility issues that could limit your choices of Waterfall Locations?
      • Then look at this page to review your options for Waterfall Wedding Locations



      Then decide on the best Waterfall Wedding locaton

      Go to this page to help decide:  Waterfall  Locations



      Next, look at your calendar...

      Ask yourself… “When is the perfect day to get married?”

      • Think about vacations, and when your guests will be available.  
      • Write down three dates that would work for you.



      Then, Call or TEXT The Waterfall Wedding Experts

      We can be reached every day by phone, TEXT or email at 706-300-1030.  

      • Reach out to us with your preferred dates, locations  and number of guests you expect.  
      • Also be sure to ask any other questions you might have.  
      • Together, we will find the best day/time/location for your Waterfall Wedding.



      Book your Waterfall Wedding date!

      Want to feel the stress melt away?  Book your wedding date!

      • Waterfall Weddings can be booked with a deposit of $600.  
      • Your deposit gets your day & time reserved on our calendar and allows you to get started with the planning process.  
      • Your $500 deposit goes towards the total cost of your wedding.  
      • Your 2nd $500 payment will be due 6 months before the wedding
      • Your 3rd $500 payment will be due 3 months before the wedding.
      • The remaining balance for your wedding will not be due  one month before your wedding date.



      Start Working on Your Wedding Vows

      Start Planning Your Wedding!

      • You will be given access to our Online Ceremony Builder which allows you to control the style and content of your wedding.  
      • The builder provides you with a wide variety of style from Civil (non-religious) Ceremonies to Non-Denominational Christian Ceremonies and combinations of the two.  
      • Ceremonies for same-sex couples are also available.  
      • Try to get your ceremony selections back to us three weeks before the wedding, if possible.



      Step 3:  Plan all the details


      Obtain Your Wedding Attire

      Time to start thinking about what you will wear on your wedding day.

      • Typically, for waterfall weddings this means ditching the traditional wedding dress and tuxedo and going with something a bit more casual.
      • It is wise to select fabrics that travel well.
      • Also think about your shoes… flats, and boots work better for brides than spiked heels



      Reserve Lodging and Other Services

      Secure your Lodging and other services such as Hair, Flowers, Cake, and Restaurants.  

      • To make things easy, we have already done some research for you.  
      • Just go to the page on this website that you plan to get married and scroll towards the bottom of that page.
      • You will find our suggestions for services that serve your waterfall: 


      Buy Your Rings

      Don’t forget to pick up your wedding rings well before the wedding day!



      Obtain your marriage license

      For Georgia Residents:  If one of you is a resident of Georgia the process to obtain your marriage license is really easy.  You can obtain your license at any Probate Court, in any county in Georgia and it is valid for one year.  


      For Out Of State Residents:  If both of you reside outside of Georgia you will need to obtain your marriage license in the same county that the wedding will be held.  Here are details for each of our waterfall sites:

      • Dick’s Creek and Far Winds Waterfalls:  Lumpkin County Probate Court, Dahlonega, GA   706-864-3847
      • Helton Creek Falls: Union County Probate Court, Blairsville, GA   706-439-6006
      • Minnehaha Falls:  Rabun County Probate Court,  Clayton, GA   706-782-3614
      • Toccoa Falls:  Stephens County Probate Court,  Toccoa, GA   706-886-2828


      How do you get your Marriage License?  

      • Both of you will need to appear in person with a government issued photo ID.  
      • If either of you has been married before you will likely need to produce a divorce decree or death certificate from your previous marriage.  
      • Just to be safe… it is wise to give your Probate Court a call before going to the courthouse to double check all details.
      • Planning Tip… Ask your Probate Court what their process is for you to obtain a Certified Copy of your license after wedding.  A Certified Copy is now required by Social Security and the DMV for name changes.  Typically, an additional fee is required to obtain the Certified Copy.  But be sure to ask about this now instead of later wasting a trip to the DMV.
      • What Does It Cost?  Court fees vary from county to county.  Typically, the costs are between $55 and $85 for your marriage license. 
      • Other Details:  There is no waiting period in Georgia.  There is also no requirement for blood tests.  Many of our couples have obtained their license the morning of their wedding and been married later that same day.
      • After The Wedding:  Your officiant will sign the license and in most cases mail it back to the Probate Court who issued it.  If you are in a hurry to obtain your certified copy you can also hand carry your signed license back to the Probate Court to be recorded.  Often you can pick up your certified copy on the spot.


      Educate your guests!

      Be sure to educate your guests that they are about to attend a wedding unlike any they have been to.  

      • Let them know if you are getting in the National Forest.  
      • Also tell them if you are OK with nice-casual attire instead of formal wear.  
      • Most importantly tell everyone to wear comfortable shoes especially at Dick’s Creek, Helton  Falls and Minnehaha Falls. Nothing will frustrate your female guests more than having them try to hike through the woods in high heels!  Flats are much more practical and go a long way to assure the comfort and safety of your guests.
      • For brides we realize that heels can be an important fashion statement.  We suggest wearing flats to the ceremony site, then change into your heels before you walk down the aisle.  
      • If rain is in the forecast tell your guests to bring an umbrella.  We have back up plans in place if it is a total wash out.  But having an umbrella on hand can be a lifesaver for showers that can pop up.
      • Also, let everyone know that your wedding will be out in nature and restrooms are not available… make a pit stop on their way to the wedding!
      • And finally, in the warmer months it is a good idea for you to bring a cooler full of bottled water in your car.  Your guests will appreciate a cool drink after the wedding especially, in the summer months.



      Three Weeks Before Your Wedding

      Check in with us to pay your remaining balance and clear up any unresolved issues.

      And get your wedding vows back to us via the Online Wedding Planner.



      One Week Before Your Wedding

      Check in with us by phone one final time:

      • Let’s review the weather, contingency plans, and where everyone will meet.  
      • We will review your file to make sure we have your vows, final payment and answer any last minute questions.



      And Finally…  It’s Your Big Day!

      On Your Wedding Day…

      Be sure to relax and enjoy every moment!  

      • Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get dressed and to travel to your waterfall.  If it normally takes you one hour to get ready, give yourself two hours.  


      • If you think it will take 30 minutes to travel to your waterfall, leave 60 minutes ahead of time.  Everything seems to take longer on your wedding day, so give yourself more time than normal.  Nothing adds stress like running behind and keeping your guests waiting.  


      • RELAX!  The Waterfall Wedding Experts will make sure everything runs smoothly.  You do not have to worry about the details.


      • And finally, find time throughout the day to be with your new spouse and enjoy private moments together.  The day will go by so fast… be sure to appreciate every special moment you can! 


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