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      Trahlyta Falls & Lake Trahlyta

      Multiple Ceremony Sites at Vogel State Park

      Trahlyta Falls and Lake Trahlyta Vogel State Park Elopements

      Trahlyta Falls and Lake Trahlyta located at Vogel State Park are gorgeous ceremony sites for elopements and small weddings.   Vogel State Park Elopements take place in the mountains of North Georgia near Blairsville.   The lake and waterfall elopement sites are within steps of each other.   The park is a photographer’s dream with numerous backdrops for jaw-dropping images!

      Here is how it all works… You meet us at the Vogel State Park Welcome Center located just inside the entrance to the park.  There are bathrooms at the Welcome Center for those who need to change into wedding attire.   From there we guide you on a short hike to the ceremony site of your choosing. 

      Lake Trahlyta is roughly a quarter of a mile walk from the welcome center.  The dam at Lake Trahlyta is more spacious than the observation deck at Trahlyta Falls.  So for larger groups of up to fifteen guests the ceremony takes place on the dam.   The ceremony takes place with a fantastic view of the lake with mountains in the backdrop.    Your pictures here will look like something out of a magazine!  After your ceremony on the dam, we can take our lovely couple down to the deck beside Trahlyta Falls for more pictures. 

      If you do your ceremony on the deck next to Trahlyta Falls if you do not have guests.  The couple and children will also work.   However, space on the deck is limited.  If you are bringing guests you should plan on doing the cermony on the dam at Lake Trahlyta.

      Regardless of which site you choose for your ceremony, we are happy to take photos at both locations!

      Wear your tennis shoes and carry your high heels, because this two-for-one location is well worth the hike!   CONTACT US NOW to book the wedding of your dreams at this beautiful park.

      And the cherry on top is that there are several cabins inside the park in addition to a campground for those with campers. 

      Vogel State Park Elopements are the best!

      Trahlyta Falls at Vogel State Park
      Lake Trahlyta at Vogel State Park Elopement


      See what it’s like to get married at Trahlyta Falls and Lake Trahlyta!

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